The gastronomy jewels

Alimentaria Premium becomes again the delicatessen showcase where the companies show their main gastronomic gems. In this edition, the show diversify its products’ offer to cover new sectors in delicatessen products, that is why we find iberians, smokeds, cods and artisan canned food.

Quesería La Antigua

We share the passion and know-how inherited from hundreds of years of tradition and we’re reinventing it to create experiences that awaken memories and sensations, and we do so through our products and the culture that surrounds them.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry and a lifetime devoted to it, after achieving a gourmet product such as our raw sheep’s milk cheese, we create a story around it to convey it to all our visitors. An unstoppable dream of its founding partners, who have infected their team with a desire to obtain a highly exquisite gourmet product.