Premium became again the delicatessen showcase where the companies showed their main gastronomic gems. In the last edition, the show diversified its products’ offer to cover new sectors in delicatessen products, that is why we found iberians, smokeds, cods, artisan canned food, oils, caviar and wines.

Logotipo Ahumados Dominguez

Ahumados Domínguez

Ahumados Domínguez is the pioneer in the production of smoked salmon in Spain and, at the same time, is internationally recognised for its "aromatised rather than smoked".
A company of invariable trajectory that has positioned itself within the high gastronomy conserving the values forged in its beginnings: the constant search of the best raw material and to maintain intact its process of smoked. Its eagerness of continuous improvement is the one that does that Domínguez is a referent in innovation, not only for the elaboration of new products but also for its agility in the commercialization of new formats and presentations. This is how this company manages to align with trends and adapt to consumer tastes, permanently.
Logotipo Anchoas Sanfilippo

Anchoas Sanfilippo

Anchoas Sanfilippo has specialised in salted anchovies and high quality oil since 1896. For decades, this highly reputed brand of anchovies has been produced using the company's exclusive salted anchovy production systems, the fruit of trained wisdom handed down from generation to generation and consummate knowledge of the raw materials.
All of the company brands are synonymous with quality and prestige in the largest and most demanding markets. Anchoas Sanfilippo products are available in different sized tins: 10-13 kilos, ideal for the large-scale hospitality industry; 5-6 kilos, ideal for retail or the medium-scale hospitality industry; 3 kilos, intended for more select hotel and catering operations; and a small 380-gram size, designed for home consumption and perfect for gourmet palates.
Logotipo Giraldo

Bacalao Giraldo

The reasons that have allowed Giraldo become the undisputed leading brand in the Desalted Cod Sector, respond to a perfect combination of innovation, raw materials and experience, in a market which is increasingly open to enjoy and appreciate a product of exceptional taste and nutritional properties.
This revolutionary company guarantees that its entire range of products is prepared with what is considered the best cod in the world, the authentic fresh Gadus morhua (never frozen), line-fished and salted in the Faroe Islands and Iceland, mythical cod landscapes thanks to the purity of their waters, the quality of the local species and their people's the skill in the handling of the fish. A luxury product, natural and bursting with flavour, that Bacalao Giraldo processes in an unique way, turning it into an exquisite delicacy, ready to cook and suitable for all tables thanks to how practical and profitable it is.

Caviar Riofrío

Created in 1963, the Caviar Riofrío Company is now a world benchmark in luxury and gourmet cuisine. It is among Europe’s leading sturgeon farmers, and the first farm to produce certified organic caviar. It has been awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food with the 2020 Award Alimentos de España for the Ecological Production.
Its sturgeons are raised in the finest river water Spain has to offer, that stays at a constant 14 - 15°C temperature and naturally mimics the wild habitat. Riofrío forms part of Grupo Osborne, a company with a long and successful track record of almost 250 years building brands to enjoy life more, and share experiences with your loved ones.

Conservas La Brújula

Conservas La Brújula was founded in 1999. A project that was born from the enthusiasm of a business group, Grupo Delgado, linked to the canning sector since 1997.
We had the illusion, the commitment and the passion to start a business that we wanted to bring about a significant change in the way of canning. At La Brújula we select the best raw material from the Galician and Cantabrian estuaries (mussels, cockles, clams, razor blades, sardines, white tuna...), we only buy campaign and slice genre, we use 100% natural ingredients without adding colourings or bleaching agents, and we maintain strict quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process so that our customers find full satisfaction enjoying authentic sea-flavoured delicacies.

Hacienda Queiles

This company is devoted to producing the very highest quality extra virgin olive oil at its own mill.
It has been recognised as the best olive-oil mill in Spain, using only its own olives. The product is considered an ¿estate oil', as the firm is a founding member of the Estate-Grown Olive Association of Spain, which only includes six prestigious companies due to the requirement that members produce the highest quality products and its rigorous regulations. Hacienda Queiles produces ABBAE DE QUEILES extra virgin olive oil, which has won numerous awards at the most prestigious national and international competitions and is considered a global benchmark for excellence.


Joselito was born 150 years ago and now there are 6 generations in charge of the firm, always with the same obsession: Quality and absolute respect for the values that have taken it to the top of gastronomy: The 100% natural elaboration of the best ham in the world.
This objective can only be achieved thanks to three fundamental values. The control of the production cycle, the care of the animal and its habitat, and the application of the most advanced technology in its pioneering laboratory. Thanks to this, Joselito is now present in the best gourmet shops and restaurants in 56 countries. All Joselito products are 100% natural, free of additives and preservatives, very beneficial for Health.

Juvé & Camps

Juvé & Camps, a great family winery with two centuries of history Juvé is an old, established surname going back more than two centuries in the county of Penedès.
The origins of winemaking stretch back to 1796 and today, with the fourth generation, the family has managed to establish one of the strongest, best known and most iconic family wineries in the country, as well as being one of the most widely recognised makers of quality sparkling wine in the world. A leader in Gran Reserva cavas, the family has always worked to make them the expression of its wonderful land, with painstaking dedication and careful winegrowing on 271 hectares of 100% organic vineyards.
Logotipo La Catedral de Navarra

La Catedral de Navarra

La Catedral de Navarra's most exquisite products from the gardens of Navarre will once again be on show at Premium.
This Navarre gourmet firm, with more than 70 years' experience in the industry, specialises in top quality vegetable products, including Lodosa D.O. piquillo peppers, Navarre asparagus and artichokes from Tudela. This quality, certified by four designations of origin and compliance with international standards such as the IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), is also reflected in La Catedral de Navarra's commitment to impeccable and elegant design.
Logotipo Movenpick


Pleasure never ends with our delicious Swiss ice creams, a jewel of gastronomy. Mövenpick is a well-known Swiss brand of Super Premium ice cream with natural ingredients. We are present in more than 59 countries with great prestige among the most demanding, hedonistic and gourmet public.
Our key and differentiating values are what make us unique. Made with selected ingredients and 100% natural. The main ingredient is fresh cream from Switzerland with a creamy texture that makes our ice cream a high quality product. Flavors, textures and colors are obtained only with natural ingredients, without artificial colors or aromas. Searching in the best origins its ingredients. We do nothing extraordinary, we simply do simple things in extraordinary ways.
Logotipo La Antigua

Quesería La Antigua de Fuentesaúco

We are defined by madness and that special spark that makes us transmit to all those around us the emotion and the memory of the taste of his childhood, because we make a traditional cheese of exceptional quality, Premium category.
Quesería La Antigua is the crazy dream of two visionaries who have passed on to their team the desire to obtain the most exquisite gourmet product. We want to transform the moment in which you eat cheese in that moment of relaxation, which inspires you to do better things with your life, your work, your friends ... And that can only be achieved by looking for new quality products to get better and more original cheeses: the Truffle of Piedmont, the Saffron of La Mancha, the Pepper of Jamaica ... In short, we are a company with a vocation for leadership in our sector. Both with the cheese we make and with our way of expressing ourselves.

Rougié Foie Gras

Rougié, a history of know-how over 140 years. All our products come from animals born, raised and prepared in France.
Since 2014, we have focused on natural and alternative medicines, such as phytotherapy and probiotics. Today we guarantee animals without antibiotics on our farms, from birth. On our farms, the ducks are free. All our farms allow access to a wide open field. Indoors, the ducks live in spacious, airy buildings. The density does not exceed 5 ducks per square metre, which is twice as low as current standards.