Presented products

In the showcase of the elite food are represented this time segments of smokeds, cods, anchovies, fish and vegetables artisan preserves, ice creams, iberian products and cheeses.

Ahumados Domínguez

Sashimi Salmón ahumado

Our smoked salmon is delicately cut into sashimi, with each piece 0.5 cm thick. It’s a unique product on the market which has a very exclusive brand design, and it’s ideal to be served alone or accompanied by fresh soy sauce, edamame or nori seaweed.

Bacalao desalado

A raw material that has extraordinary qualities and extremely high quality. From the purest and most crystalline waters of Iceland, 150 m deep, where the conditions are ideal for the development of the finest cod. Desalted by hand over several days in keeping with a strict method, with the temperature of the water and time the keys to achieving the qualities that make it unique. The result is a firm texture, an intense flavour and a perfect balance of salt.

Alma de Cereal

pan de cristal

An exquisite kind of bread with a delicate crackling crust and a bubbling honeycomb interior with soft white crumbs which is very attractive to the eye. Made with double fermentation and a large amount of hydration.

Mollete de pan

A flat, moist bread with a honeycomb interior. Made without artificial ingredients and with self-grown sourdough. It’s characterised by being fermented on wooden boards and cooked in a live flame oven.

Hogaza de trigo 100%

A large-format bread with fermentation lasting as long as 24 hours, made on artisan wood with stone-ground flour and self-grown sourdough. It has a particularly acidic flavour and its open crust is free of artificial ingredients.

Caprichos del paladar

Burgood en tartar

The burger segment is growing at a frenetic pace. In fact, it’s the fastest-growing segment.
The trends are towards healthier and more gourmet burgers. Which is where BURGOOD by Caprichos del Paladar comes in. It’s a new category of premium 100% plant-based burgers for all tastes and ages.
It isn’t a vegan burger or a fake meat-flavoured burger, it’s a burger made only with our best artichokes, which tastes like what it should taste like, like an ARTICHOKE.
It’s an innovative product that will provide you with a new and fresh opportunity to amaze your customers and generate new business.
There’s no other vegetable burger whose main ingredient is simply a vegetable.

Don Bocarte

anchoas don bocarte

To make our anchovies we only use Cantabrian and coastal fish caught between April and May. Just the right amount of salt, a large degree of meatiness, a salmon-brown hue and a clear and profound flavour of salted anchovies merge with the excellent extra virgin oil. A unique flavour.

Pulpo gallego cocido en su jugo

An exclusive product, as we only use octopuses from the Galician estuaries caught in winter with pots, one of the oldest and most traditional kinds of sustainable fishing gear. The process of making it in its own juice without adding any preservatives or additives guarantees maximum flavour and naturalness.

Croquetas de Sepia del Cantábrico en su tinta con núcleo de un suave alioli

Following our strategy of differentiation through quality, we’ve developed a new concept of high-end croquettes with two textures, two colours and two flavours. They’re croquettes made with two types of very creamy bechamel, an interior with a mild alioli sauce and an exterior of Cantabrian cuttlefish in its ink, which combine perfectly as the flavours merge.

Jabu Jabugo


JABU 100% Iberian ham comes from pigs that are fed acorns and grass on the pastureland. Subjected to a minimum curing period of more than 30 months in the cellars and natural drying rooms of Jabugo, this ham acquires a highly intense flavour and aroma. This delicate piece is designed for highly discerning palates and it’s presented in an elegant gift box, adding a touch of class to every gastronomic experience.

Jamón Esencia Jabu

JABU Essence Ham: a delicacy of the highest quality, forged through an ideal combination of artisan tradition and exceptional quality. This elegant piece displays a subtle flavour full of nuances, constituting the perfect host for demanding palates. It’s a signature ham, a gastronomic masterpiece that reflects the dedication and mastery applied to every detail.

Lomo Jabu de bellota 100% ibérico

The 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork loin is the noblest part of the Jabu pig. Thanks to a meticulous and slow curing process, this delicacy emanates intense and sweet aromas with soft and pleasant nuances. Its soft texture, with fine veins of fat, combines harmoniously with its flavour, securing the best result: maximum juiciness, delicacy and tenderness that captivate the palate.

Conservas La Brújula

It is known that cans improve with time and this is a statement that with the sardine we can take to the nth power.

The tins do not have an expiration date but a date of preferential consumption and in the case of the sardines if we bathe them with a good olive oil and store them in adequate conditions, we can obtain a product of exceptional quality.

However, this is not enough, the key is to find the right product and treat it with great care throughout the manufacturing process.

That is why we must choose the sardine at its optimum point of quality, captured at dawn and immediately transferred to the factory to preserve all its freshness and intensity. Therein lies the success of a good vintage, selection of origin, amount of fat, speed in the process and perfectly combined artisan techniques. 

The name Paté is not the best to describe the product we present. Its texture is more similar to a mousse due to its delicacy and softness that makes it pleasant for all kinds of palates.

Every time we open a can we find a frank mussel flavour, without any dressing that masks it, accompanied by our subtle marinade creating a perfect combination to enjoy our cans of mussels in a different way.

But what we really must value is the preparation of this product which is not at all simple. To get an idea, 8 cans of mussels are needed to obtain one of our cans of pâté, since only the meat of each one is selected, a technique carried out manually, piece by piece by our Ladies of the Canned Food.

An organic product is one that is made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients using resources optimally and without adding chemicals. This is the philosophy that Conservas La Brújula wants to implement in its day-to-day business.

That is why the elaboration of our organic preserves becomes one of our main tasks in order to respond to the growing demand of the consumer.

And what better way to do it than to elaborate our organic olive oil obtained from our own olive trees, controlling the whole process and giving an added value to the preserves we produce. Galician mussels from certified rafts together with seasonings obtained under the strict standards of organic agriculture without additives, preservatives or artificial colourings make up the raw materials we use.


Foie Gras slice, the signature Rougié product! 20 years ago, Rougié invented the IQF flash frozen foie gras slice. A homogeneously shaped cut for a similar presentation from one plate to another. A clean and oblique cut for a generous perception of the product, similar to a homemade cut. Always with a minimum and controlled rate of melting.

A tasty product that brings considerable time savings in its preparation and a great deal of freedom in its use for modern and trendy dishes.

Poached, sautéed, roasted, candied, raw (sashimi quality); a noble material to inspire chefs’ audacity.