In the showcase of the elite food are represented this time segments of oils, smokeds, cods, anchovies, caviar, fish and vegetables artisan preserves, ice creams, iberian products, cheeses and wines.

Bacalao Giraldo

Range 60 ºC (140 ºF)


Discover the most profitable and revolutionary and easy to prepare cod in select individual cuts with the instructions to cook them at the temperature that the master chefs do.



The most international food format made with the healthiest and most vitamin fish to give your touch on the plate and discover new sensations.

La tortilla auténtica

Finally a preparation with the authentic ingredients of the most popular dish of our kitchen made with the flavor of always and ready to curdle to taste or combine with other products.

Caviar Riofrío

Caviar Riofrío Ecológico

The world’s first certified organic caviar, fresh and with just enough salt to bring out its marine and nutty flavour nuances to perfection. With no added preservatives and undergoing no ripening or oxidative processes, it retains all its delicate flavour nuances and subtle, lasting aftertaste.

Caviar Riofrío Russian Style

Our Russian experts employ their country’s purest tradition to prepare this low-salt (Malossol style) formula, thus conserving the purity and quality of the freshest, most authentic caviar.

Caviar Riofrío Tradicional

Using traditional Iranian production techniques, our Caviar Master obtains a caviar ripened and salted to perfection, with a silky texture and an intense flavour. We combine the finest properties of Caspian caviars with unsurpassable raw materials from Riofrío.

Conservas La Brújula

Aged Sardine

It is known that cans improve with time and this is a statement that with the sardine we can take to the nth power.

The tins do not have an expiration date but a date of preferential consumption and in the case of the sardines if we bathe them with a good olive oil and store them in adequate conditions, we can obtain a product of exceptional quality.

However, this is not enough, the key is to find the right product and treat it with great care throughout the manufacturing process.

That is why we must choose the sardine at its optimum point of quality, captured at dawn and immediately transferred to the factory to preserve all its freshness and intensity. Therein lies the success of a good vintage, selection of origin, amount of fat, speed in the process and perfectly combined artisan techniques. 

Mussel pate

The name Paté is not the best to describe the product we present. Its texture is more similar to a mousse due to its delicacy and softness that makes it pleasant for all kinds of palates.

Every time we open a can we find a frank mussel flavour, without any dressing that masks it, accompanied by our subtle marinade creating a perfect combination to enjoy our cans of mussels in a different way.

But what we really must value is the preparation of this product which is not at all simple. To get an idea, 8 cans of mussels are needed to obtain one of our cans of pâté, since only the meat of each one is selected, a technique carried out manually, piece by piece by our Ladies of the Canned Food.

Organic preserves

An organic product is one that is made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients using resources optimally and without adding chemicals. This is the philosophy that Conservas La Brújula wants to implement in its day-to-day business.

That is why the elaboration of our organic preserves becomes one of our main tasks in order to respond to the growing demand of the consumer.

And what better way to do it than to elaborate our organic olive oil obtained from our own olive trees, controlling the whole process and giving an added value to the preserves we produce. Galician mussels from certified rafts together with seasonings obtained under the strict standards of organic agriculture without additives, preservatives or artificial colourings make up the raw materials we use.


Joselito Christmas Giftbox

This elegant Gift Box contains a Joselito Gran Reserva Ham. A Ham that is recognizable by its thin leg, its fat between golden and pink, soft and unctuous consistency that gives its characteristic flavor, in addition to all its healthy properties. A unique Ham that is 100% natural, totally free of additives, preservatives or heavy metals. It also includes a Cutting Manual and a Joselito Recipe Book, as well as our coveted Joselito Apron.

Joselito Vintage Tasting Box

This elegant tasting box, which is part of the Joselito VIntage collection, is the ideal choice to enjoy an exquisite gastronomic jewel, with more than 80 months of natural curation, at any time and place.The box includes four Joselito Vintage 2013 Ham Blisters. This Ham is 100% natural and free of additives or preservatives, ready to open and taste in the most unexpected occasions. An authentic delicacy with which to delight the most demanding palates.

Joselito Premium Collection by Bellver

This exclusive Premium Collection of 2018 was a unique fusion between Art and Gastronomy. A limited series of 88 sculptures designed by renowned Spanish artist Fernando Bellver serve as a pedestal for 88 Joselito Vintage Hams 2010, with 10 years of natural curation, chosen one by one for their exquisite organoleptic qualities, forming a unique and unrepeatable collection. This exclusive collection is signed by the author and numbered, to guarantee its authenticity. They are only available in the most exclusive establishments in the world.

Juvé & Camps

Gran Juvé

Gran Juvé & Camps is a legendary cava, the first to undergo long ageing that the winery brought to market. After almost fifty vintages, this release marks the first organic Gran Juvé & Camps, an expression of Juvé & Camps’ belief that sustainability begins at the point of origin: the vineyard. A Gran Reserva Brut cava made from a selection of the finest organic Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Parellada, and Chardonnay grapes grown on the Espiells estate, one of the most celebrated vineyards in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the Penedès region.

La Capella

La Capella is at the highest part of the Espiells estate, two hundred metres above sea level. It is a unique vineyard, with stark landscape and a shallow soil bed. The magnificent conditions found in the Penedès region are perfect for growing xarel·lo grapes in Espiells. This yields grapes with loads of character and spirit, which is essential to this long-aged cava. The terroir reinforces the hallmarks of our cava de paraje calificado: structure, complexity and freshness.

La Siberia

La Siberia originates in the Espiells vineyard, specifically in an exceptional parcel flanked by forest and a stream, in the coldest reaches of the eponymous estate, which is what inspired the cava’s name. The area has a special microclimate, different from the rest of the vineyard, due to its location. Beautiful pale pink cava with salmon coloured nuances indicative of its long aging. The constant effervescence fills the glass with chains of tiny beads that form a lasting ring on the surface.

Rougié Foie Gras

Foie Gras slice

Foie Gras slice, the signature Rougié product! 20 years ago, Rougié invented the IQF flash frozen foie gras slice. A homogeneously shaped cut for a similar presentation from one plate to another. A clean and oblique cut for a generous perception of the product, similar to a homemade cut. Always with a minimum and controlled rate of melting.

Raw deveined duck foie gras

A ready-to-cook product that gives you great creative freedom to make a terrine with all the advantages of deep freezing. Always with a minimum and controlled rate of melting. Available in 500g/2kgs/4kgs.

New shop range

Rougié reaffirms its brand positioning of excellence and renews its offer of glass jars with two ideas:

More modern lines with
a transparent pack.

Made from
noble raw material without nitrite.